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Steve Cid

Drunk Driver Wreaks Chaos in Long Island

In a scene straight out of a made for TV movie, a 26 year old man, Jonathan Moore, triggered a wild midnight chain of events when he drove his vehicle into two other cars on the Long Island Expressway in Holtsville, allegedly after he’d been drinking. What... Read More

Medication Risk for Elderly in Nursing Homes

A study of nursing homes in Ontario, Canada says that the homes regularly put their entire resident populations at risk by overprescribing antibiotics to patients whether they need the drugs or not. The study researched the prescription protocols in 2010 and 2011 of 607 different Ontario nursing... Read More

Long Island Construction Worker Crushed to Death

A 47 year-old construction worker was crushed to death in the basement of a Long Island home by a retaining wall he had recently built. The fatal accident occurred when the wall collapsed while the man and two co-workers were installing a staircase in the basement apartment... Read More