Can I Sue for Medical Malpractice if I Suffer Nerve Damage After Dental Work?

Have you had a dental procedure involving extractions, implants, or root canals and suffered lasting numbness, paralysis, sensation, loss of taste, or diminished function? Nerve damage results from a negligently performed surgery and is a case of a dentist’s medical malpractice. Any alteration to feeling, sensation, taste, or function in your mouth in the weeks and months following a dental procedure can result from a dental nerve injury. A dentist or other dental care professionals must thoroughly evaluate their patients and their medical history before any procedure and address proper post-operation care.

Here are some indications that you have a case:

  • You underwent a routine extraction, implant procedure, or root canal and are experiencing pain and numbness that you never had before.
  • The symptoms have not gone away, now considered long-term or permanent.
  • Your injury significantly impairs your oral function, affecting feeling, taste, or your ability to eat, drink or speak.
  • The condition arose and remained only after your procedure.

A Negligence Claim

Yes, you can sue for medical malpractice if you suffer from nerve damage after dental work. After filing a lawsuit, you must prove medical negligence for nerve damage. This could have been caused by the professional not carrying out any procedure correctly. A dentist’s medical malpractice case involving nerve damage is often against the hospital, medical facility, surgeon, anesthesiologist, and/or other medical professionals involved in your care. If there is evidence that can support the fact that they did not provide the appropriate standard of care during your surgery, then you may have a winning case. The amount of compensation you may receive if your dentist/ professional caused the nerve damage will depend on the circumstances of your specific case. The factors taken into consideration for compensation could include:

  • The severity of the nerve damage symptoms
  • The long-term prognosis of the nerve injury
  • The impact that the symptoms have on the patient’s daily life and everyday activities

We are Here to Help

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