Rideshare Accident: Man Taking Picture of Accident

How to Report a Rideshare Accident

Do You Know What To Do If You’re in a Rideshare Accident?

Many people rely on ride-sharing companies to help them get around. Maybe they don’t own a car or were drinking (or plan to) and don’t want to risk a DUI. Or, it could just be that you want to relax and don’t want the hassle of having to drive somewhere and find parking. In an unfortunate situation where you find yourself in a rideshare accident, you can file an injury claim or bring a lawsuit against the at-fault party or parties. After any car accident, your first step after a ride-share accident is to seek medical attention. If you are not hurt and do not need medical assistance, call 311 or TLC (212) 639-9675 if outside of New York City.

Steps to Report a Rideshare Accident

Suppose you want to file a claim concerning bodily injury. In that case, you can obtain compensation from any at-fault driver as long as you prove a severe injury under Insurance Law 5102(d).

  1. If anyone is hurt, immediately call paramedics
  2. Call 911 and file a police report
  3. Report the accident to the car company, speak directly with a trained agent by going to the Help (or support) section of your driver app

If your accident was in an Uber, open the app, click on “Trip and Fare Review,” and select “I was involved in an accident.” Uber will review the information and send you an Incident Report Form. For a Lyft accident, use the “Report an Accident” button for an immediate response from the company.

Who Is at Fault

Suppose you were in an accident with a TLC-licensed vehicle. In that case, you could request insurance information about that vehicle directly from their insurer. You will need to know the license plate number of the car. Fault or negligence can be proven by dash-cam footage, video, witness statements, the testimony of anyone involved in the collision, and other sources. An injured passenger can sue both the vehicle they are sitting in and the other car. In contrast, an injured driver can only sue the other vehicle involved. Under NY law, someone is negligent if they failed to act with reasonable care, disregarded a stop sign or red light, violated a Vehicle and Traffic Law (VTL) provision, failed to keep the other car under constant observation, or failed to keep the ride-share vehicle under control.

We Are Here To Help

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