Parental Responsibility Laws: Mother and Daughter in Car

Parental Responsibility Laws and Personal Injury Cases

Being a parent is never easy. Along with the daily duties of being a parent, parents are legally responsible for looking after their children without neglect. Some may not realize that parents can be held legally liable for the acts of their minor children. A minor is anyone who has not yet reached the age of majority. In most states, the age a child legally becomes an adult is at age 18. In a few other states, the age of the majority is 19 or 21. Parental responsibility applies to both the criminal and civil acts of the minor.

What are Parental Responsibility Laws?

Parents have a legal duty to take reasonable steps to supervise their minor children. If they fail to fulfill that obligation, and the child ends up causing harm to another person or property, the parent is legally responsible. State legislatures have decided that an innocent victim should not bear the financial burden of property damage or medical expenses resulting from another person’s wrongdoing. Parents are to be held responsible for the acts of their children. 

Personal Injury Cases

When a child is involved in misconduct that causes personal injury like accidents or property damage to another person, the parent is held responsible for such actions. That’s where parental liability comes in. The parent is required to fulfill every financial obligation that comes with the injury. Suppose a personal injury lawsuit is filed against the child. In that case, the parent will be sued and made to take up every financial obligation and, in some cases, compensate the victim. The victims are allowed to hold any party involved in their accident or injury liable for damages. This damage can be medical expenses or lost income. If the party responsible proves suffering and damages, you have the right to sue the person. 

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