Personal Injuries at Sporting Venues or Events

Every year, thousands of people attend a sporting event, concert, or other types of events. With all the fun and excitement, and the avid fans cheering and getting rowdy, it is not uncommon to have an accident at stadiums, theaters, sports facilities, and other event sites. There are many risks from being at a public stadium, especially at a baseball game when the balls come flying into the stadium audience. Most events have cautionary notes and waivers on the back of their tickets, but who is liable for damages if you get injured at a sporting venue or event?

Assumption of Risk

By voluntarily attending an event in the first place, people agree to participate in the event and accept the risk of any danger. When a plaintiff assumes the risk involved in the activity but proceeds to engage in the action regardless, they may not be able to recover damages for injuries. One of the most commonly used defenses to negligence claims is to show contributory negligence on the part of the venue. For example, if there was a personal injury from a slip and fall circumstance, was the venue staff negligent for not cleaning the floor and warning the guests? You might not be entirely liable for the accident if the other party was negligent.

Waiver of Liability

Most tickets include a waiver of liability printed on the ticket. These waivers typically include language stating that the holder agrees to waive liability during the event in question.

  • Common Venue Accidents
  • Slip and Fall
  • Collapsing structures, broken seats, loose railings
  • Food poisoning
  • Flying balls (baseball) or pucks (hockey)
  • Parking lot accidents
  • Accidents involving alcohol consumption
  • Intentional acts of violence against other people (fighting)
  • Other risky behavior (running on the field, jumping over barriers)

Property owners must check grounds and stadiums before people arrive. They are required to warn visitors of unrepaired safety hazards. Although the property owner is responsible for preventing most of these accidents, the owner is not always liable for visitor’s injuries. Stadium owners are only negligent if they reasonably could and should have known about an issue and had time to fix it.

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