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Side Impact Collision

car after head on collisionPassenger vehicles are designed and built for protection, with bumpers, air bags and seats minimizing the impact to the driver and passengers. In a broadside crash, where the two vehicles form a “t” shape on impact, however, there is much less material separating the occupants in the broadsided vehicle.

As a result, a t-bone car crash is more likely to kill or severely injure the people involved. Overall, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, t bone crashes contribute nearly a quarter for American traffic fatalities.

If you have had the unfortunate experience of being the driver or passenger of a t-boned car, speak with a veteran Long Island car accident lawyer at Edelman, Krasin & Jaye.

T bone accident: who is at fault?

While each case is unique, a t-bone collision is most likely to occur in a certain scenario: a vehicle – whether due to inattention, poor decision-making, texting, or some other reason – does not yield the right of way in an intersection and broadsides a passing vehicle. In most cases, liability in this type of collision is clear, but this does not make the question of t-bone accident fault an open and shut case; there can be other factors involved to complicate the question.

Side impact collision lawyers are skilled at distinguishing factors that may establish fault. They must be able to prove the other party acted negligently, which means that they were under a duty to act a certain way and breached that duty, and that breach led to the plaintiff’s injuries. If you have been injured in a broadside crash, you can improve your chances of compensation by retaining an attorney who has a proven record of car accident verdicts and settlements.

Broadsided? What to do next

Though a broadside collision seemingly comes out of nowhere, it helps to know ahead of time what to do if you have been struck:

  • Call the police and file an accident report
  • Document the scene by photographing the vehicles and where they are in the road
  • Speak with the other parties and any witnesses to gather contact information
  • Let your insurance company know about the crash
  • Seek medical treatment – not all injuries can be seen or felt immediately after the accident so seek professional help, especially before signing any release of liability that could waive your right to sue
  • Speak with a lawyer, especially before speaking with the other party’s insurance company or before signing anything

T-bone car accident injuries

Given the minimal protection that the sidewalls of a passenger vehicle provide, side impact collision injuries tend to be much more severe than those sustained in a front- or rear-end crash.

Without a major protective crumple zone to protect the sides of a vehicle, occupants in a side impact collision often experience injuries to the head and neck (even traumatic brain injuries), skull fractures, and broken bones.

Though occupants on the same side of the vehicle as the collision are subjected to the greatest impact, occupants on the opposite side may slip out of their seatbelts, increasing their likelihood of injury.

What is the average t-bone crash settlement?

The law recognizes the rights of personal injury victims to recover for their losses. Recovery can include reimbursement of medical bills, pain and suffering, lost income, compensation to a spouse for loss of care and companionship, and in the worst cases, funeral costs and wrongful death payments to heirs.

A t-bone accident settlement is similar to other types of personal injury settlements. The amount will depend on factors unique to the case like seriousness of the injuries, whether it made any preexisting injuries worse, and whether the plaintiff did anything to cause the accident himself.

A committed personal injury lawyer with experience in the locality can analyze the factors – including how local juries usually respond to similar types of injuries – to determine and negotiate a fair settlement value.

Side collision lawyer Long Island

If you or a loved one have been involved in a t-bone accident, you likely have a lot on your plate – injuries can affect everyday life and medical bills can provide a hardship that strain finances. By trusting an experienced side collision lawyer, you can let go of some of the worry that these accidents instill.

Edelman Krasin & Jaye use a trained eye and decades of experience to help you prove your case. Our goal is to recover maximum compensation. Discuss your legal options free of charge by calling 1-800-469-7429.

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