Car Accident Case

Should My Car Accident Case Go To Trial?

Getting into a car accident can be one of the most stressful and trying times. If you a lucky enough to come out of the accident unharmed, most car accident cases are settled before a trial is needed. Unfortunately, a severe accident can require a more substantial process for all parties to be held accountable. 

Typically, the trial process is financially straining and time-consuming for everyone involved and avoided, if possible.

Why Your Car Accident Claim May Go To Trial

Here is why your case may go to trial:

  • If the defendant’s insurance company doesn’t want to create a precedence for settling the type of car accident case you’ve filed.
  • If the defendant’s insurer believes they will win the lawsuit. So, they are offering a low or no settlement offer.
  • The other party must be held liable for injuries caused due to their reckless conduct.
  • If the compensation your attorney sought is too much for the insurance company to settle without fighting it in court.

Typical Car Accident Trial 

Going to trial can be an incredibly overwhelming and expensive process.

  • The jury is selected, and the trial date is set- An attorney will collect all information to build your case (example: Eye witness accounts, police reports, medical experts, photographs.)
  • Opening statements from both attorneys- Each side will present their case. 
  • You present your case to the jury why you believe you are correct concerning your claim. Your attorney will work with you to ensure your claim is both truthful and robust, giving you the best chance to win your case.
  • Defendant presents case- the lawyer will call witnesses to the stand such as bystanders, doctors, and other relevant experts to help strengthen their case.
  • Closing arguments- Both sides give a concise recap of the case and encourage the jury to consider the evidence in a specific way.
  • Deliberation- after the closing arguments, the jury will go to a private room to decide. This can take several hours or weeks, depending on the complexity and evidence in the case
  • Verdict- The jury will share their ruling with the judge, then communicate their conclusion to you and your lawyer. If you win your case, you will be entitled to compensation for your injuries or initial claim.

Should Your Car Accident Case Go to Trial?

There is no one-size-fits-all situation when it comes to car accident settlements. A car accident can have severe legal and financial consequences many times. Still, the accident also takes a severe emotional toll on everyone involved.

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