Cycling Accidents: Car and Bicycle

Steps to Take When Involved in a Cycling Accident

Riding a bicycle is one of the most inexpensive and convenient means of transportation. Accidents happen every day, and when you are on a bike, the odds are against you. You can’t predict when or if a cycling accident will happen. More than ever before, there are more cars, buses, trucks, and other four-wheelers on the road alongside bikers. Cyclists have to be extra cautious and proactive to avoid an accident. While cyclists seldom cause casualties, it is possible. When an accident occurs, it is crucial to take these steps when involved in a cycling accident.

Remain at the Scene and Move to a Safe Area

You and the driver involved in the accident are legally obligated to remain at the scene to give a statement. If you’re able to get off the road, out of harm’s way, do so. 

Self-assess your injuries 

  • Do you have a full range of motion for all extremities?
  • Have you sustained cuts or gashes?
  • Do you feel dizzy or disoriented?
  • Can you walk?

You may be injured even if you don’t feel anything instantly. If you feel pain or see any injuries, don’t move more than you have to and wait for help to arrive.

Call for Help

Call 911 or seek medical attention, especially in the case of a high-impact collision. Lacerations, bruises, and fractures should be examined immediately for treatment to reduce any chance of infection. Inform the police and make sure to give a statement about the cycling accident. They will ask for eyewitnesses.

Exchange Important Information and Take Pictures

Obtain information from the people involved in the accident, including names, addresses, and phone numbers. Take pictures of your damaged bike and the vehicle that hit you, your surroundings, and anything else you think might be necessary. This will add critical visual details. Do not get your bike or other non-essential damaged property fixed. Leave them as they were at the scene of the cycling accident. Such items can be presented as exhibits if the case progresses to court.

Get in Touch with an Experienced Attorney Right Away

Drivers need to respect the rights of bicyclists and be mindful of sharing the road and avoiding accidents. The other person’s insurance company may call you and attempt to settle before you have all the information ready to support your cycling accident claim. Do not approach any insurance firms before consulting a lawyer, as your own words could be used against you later. 

We Are Here To Help

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