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Drowsy Driving Needs More Study, Prevention

Closeup portrait tired young attractive woman with short attention span, driving her car after long hours trip, yawning at wheel, isolated outside background. Sleep deprivation
A recent article published in the journal Sleep calls for more study and prevention of drowsy driving, noting that it is a significant hazard on the nation’s roads. The report was spearheaded by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA). It calls for both more understanding of... Read More

Experiment Highlights Drowsy Driving Dangers

Drowsy driving accidents in Long Island and beyond have captured nationwide attention in recent years. Last June, the issue was abruptly thrust into the spotlight with the now-infamous Tracy Morgan crash. A Wal-Mart truck driver had struck Morgan’s vehicle, killing one of his friends and seriously injuring the... Read More

CDC Study Shows Drowsy Driving a National Problem

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) continues to battle motor vehicle injuries in the United States, suggesting effective interventions to reduce rates of drunk driving and non-use of seatbelts. Now, according to a recent government survey conducted by the agency, drowsy drivers are one of... Read More