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3 Horrifying E-Cigarette Explosion Stories

close up portrait of a man smoking an e-cigarette
Although many people begin smoking e-cigarettes to eliminate the dangers of smoking tobacco, many are finding that vaping is not always safe. Recently, 10 Californians filed civil suits against the manufacturers of e-cigarette batteries alleging that the devices and the batteries that power them are unsafe and... Read More

Navy Considers E-Cigarette Ban Amid Safety Worries

close up portrait of a man smoking an e-cigarette
The U.S. Navy is considering a ban on electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigarettes, from all Navy property. The proposal comes as there is increasing concerns over the dangers of the electronic devices. The Naval Safety Center has recorded 12 incidents of the batteries inside these devices... Read More

Vape Pen Explodes, Causing Third Degree Burns

close up portrait of a man smoking an e-cigarette
Recent reports show that carrying around an e-cig can be more dangerous than lighting a real cigarette. A Phoenix man suffered second and third degree burns after his vape pen suddenly exploded in his pocket. Twenty-two year old Otis Stovall told Fox News he was unloading a truck at his... Read More

Exploding E-Cigarettes, Burns and Injuries Make Headlines

close up portrait of a man smoking an e-cigarette
Reports of electronic cigarettes spontaneously exploding, causing disfiguring injuries and third degree burns have prompted serious concerns about the safety of these tobacco alternatives. Several people from around the country have narrowly escaped death after their e-cig suddenly burst into flames – catching objects, clothing and skin... Read More