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Long Island Neurosurgeon Sued for Malpractice

A prominent Long Island neurosurgeon, Dr. Paolo Bolognese, is facing three separate medical malpractice lawsuits alleging botched spinal surgeries. According to a report in NY Daily News, all three plaintiffs allege that Bolognese either performed unnecessary operations or botched their treatment so badly that their health is... Read More

New Birthing Center Opens in NYC Bronx Hospital

A new birthing center has opened at North Central Bronx Hospital in New York City. Hospital administrators are hoping the increased staff, training and updated equipment will increase safety at the center and minimize odds of parents filing a New York birth injury malpractice lawsuit. The previous labor... Read More

Congressional Report: VA Misconduct Contributed to Veteran Deaths

A recently released congressional report highlights the alleged deadly consequences of bureaucratic red tape at the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA). Possible VA misconduct has been making headlines lately as more information comes to light about long delays and medical mistakes that affect the country’s veterans. Currently,... Read More