Can You File A Product Liability Claim Over Automobile Defects?

Your vehicle should last for a few years without any significant problems. But even with strict safety manufacturing standards, vehicle manufacturers still recall millions of products yearly due to dangerous flaws. Failure to remove defective vehicles has caused fatal accidents that could’ve easily been prevented. If your car’s manufacturer put your life in danger, you have a right to file a product liability claim and seek compensation for any damages.

How Automobile Defect Claims Work?

Defective automobile claims are a type of product liability lawsuit where the vehicle in question did not meet minimum safety standards and resulted in your injuries. Besides cars, defective automobile claims can also apply to motorcycles, buses, vans, and commercial trucks.

Some common injuries after an accident include:

Whether it’s unethical marketing or a design flaw, defective vehicles can cause lifelong harm when they fail to keep a driver or passenger safe.

Main Types Of Automobile Defects

With hundreds of mass vehicle recalls each year, the specific causes vary from defective air bags to electrical problems. However, automobile defects mainly fall into one of three categories:

Design Defect

Product design defects happen when the vehicle may have passed manufacturing tests, but the design creates a safety hazard for the users. These problems can be anything from wheel placement to issues with your brakes. You need to prove the connection between your accident and the car’s flawed design to win your case.

Manufacturing Defect

All cars have a standard manufacturing process to ensure they are all assembled the same way and follow safety guidelines. When a manufacturer misses critical parts of that procedure, the car can pose a serious safety hazard to its users. Some of the most dangerous manufacturing design defects have been unintended acceleration, faulty cruise control, or tire malfunction.

Marketing Defect

A brand must warn consumers about potential risks and dangers when marketing its product. For example, a car company can feature drivers doing dangerous stunts or driving in hazardous road conditions. However, they’re legally required to mention the risks of an average driver trying something like this. Not doing so is considered unethical marketing, and it can lead to dire consequences for that company if the campaign causes a tragic accident.

Who Is Responsible For The Car’s Defects?

Finding out who’s responsible for your vehicle’s flaws can be complicated, especially when multiple parties are at fault. Your state’s laws can also influence your case’s outcome. For example, you can file a product liability lawsuit in New York based on strict liability, breach of warranty, or negligence. Additionally, the state’s lemon law requires the product’s manufacturer to take responsibility for manufacturing or design damages and offer repairs or replacement.

Our Attorneys Will Hold Car Manufacturers Accountable

Even if most vehicles are safe to drive and over 90% of accidents happen because of human error, car defects still affect thousands of drivers yearly. A faulty seatbelt or tire blowout can be just as dangerous as a typical accident and lead to lifelong damage to the victim. If this happens to you, remember that you have the right to seek justice.

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