Ride-Hailing Accidents

Protecting Passengers Injured In Ride-Hailing Accidents on Long Island and New York City

On the surface, ride-hailing companies publicly state that they want to do the right thing in an accident, but behind closed courtroom doors, they argue and fight against assuming any liability.

No one wants to be the next Uber car accident passenger, and no one wants to find themselves having to negotiate an Uber accident settlement. Usually, these cases involve exorbitant medical bills, ongoing therapy, emotional trauma like anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and, in some cases, the sudden death or disability of a loved one.

Who Is Liable For A Lyft Or Uber Accident?

Naturally, one would presume the driver is responsible for any accident that occurs. That is a given. Yet, there may be a low limit to how much one can collect from personal insurance policies and estates.

Uber drivers and passengers are covered by a three-part insurance plan.

  • If drivers are using the vehicle for personal reasons and are not logged into the app to pick up charges, they are covered by their own personal auto insurance.
  • If drivers are available to pick up passengers and logged into the app, but not transporting anyone at the time, the accident is first covered by their own insurance and then covered by Uber’s insurance for an additional $50,000 per injury (up to $100,000) and up to $25,000 in property damage.
  • If drivers are carrying Uber passengers at the time, Uber’s $1 million liability coverage applies. It will also kick in if one of its drivers is uninsured or underinsured — though this should never be necessary, with their background checks in place.

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