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New York Metro Personal Injury And Criminal Defense Law Blog

Dropping an object may not seem like a big deal for New York residents, but it can mean the difference between life

What a car accident victim does after a car accident can be important, especially if the victims decides at some point to

Some of our readers in the New York City metro area may have heard about a recent incident that allegedly occurred in

Helping You Keep Your Driver’s License Drunk driving in the state of New York is a serious crime that carries grave consequences.

While distracted or impaired driver-related accidents are commonplace, it might be more challenging to identify drivers who were too fatigued to safely

In order for a New York employee’s workplace injury to be covered by workers’ compensation, it must be related to their employment

Many New Yorker motorists have been involved in car accidents that have caused them serious injury. New York is a no-fault state, meaning

Being charged with driving while intoxicated in New York City can lead to severe penalties including jail time, fines and a loss

No motorist wants to hurt someone else if they can avoid it. Most drivers swerve around other cars, pedestrians, bicyclists and stray

Done once, a simple motion does not seem to pose any health risks. Done thousands of times every day, that exact same

Workers’ compensation is a state-run system, so every state follows its own rules. In New York, unlike many other states, injured workers

Over the decades, initiating a personal injury claim over a slip-and-fall has become somewhat of a joke in America. People assume those