What’s The Best Way To Avoid An Accident This Winter?

Winter is only a couple of weeks away, and with it comes a lot of road hazards. Almost 20% of car crashes happen during this season, making it some of the deadliest times to be on the road. One slippery street or reckless driver is all it takes for a dangerous accident to happen. Despite the risks, there are a few ways you can stay safe while driving during the coldest months.

5 Safety Tips To Stay Safe On The Road This Winter

Driving in the winter can be safe if you follow basic precautions and prepare your vehicle for the weather. Here are five safety tips to keep you safe behind the wheel this season:

Drive Slow

The winter months are not the best time to drive fast. From black ice to poor visibility, roads can be unpredictable. Slowing down can help you deal with unexpected problems, especially when you’re stuck in bad weather. According to the US Federal Highway Administration, drivers should slow down by up to 40% on wet roads and during heavy snowstorms to stay safe.

Winterize Your Car

Before the first snowstorm, ensure your car is ready to handle any weather conditions for the next few months. For example, investing in reliable winter tires can help break faster.

You should also have your local mechanic help you check the following:

  • You have enough antifreeze to keep your engine running properly
  • Your windshield wipers are safe to use
  • Your car’s battery is in good condition

Winterizing your car ahead of time will significantly improve your driving experience, even during the most dangerous conditions.

Never Get Too Close To The Driver In Front Of You

During the winter, you may need some extra time to bring your car to a complete stop. Because of this, it’s advisable to have a stopping distance of at least double the time you would generally need during clear weather.

Additionally, try to steer clear of snow plows during snowstorms, even if they’re slow. Chances are the road in front of it still needs to be plowed, putting you in a potentially unsafe situation if you drive ahead.

Check The Weather Before You Leave

Before you leave, always keep an eye out for the weather. This way, you can make the necessary arrangements to do everything you need to do before any bad weather comes. If you still need to go out during a snowstorm or icy conditions, plan safe routes where roads regularly get cleaned.

Use Your Car Only When You Need To

Roads can be hazardous in the winter, so travel only when necessary. For essential tasks like grocery shopping, take advantage of clear weather and buy everything you need in one go. By doing this, you can avoid driving during harsh conditions and unnecessary trips that could lead to an accident.

Our Attorneys Are Here To Help

Winter is one of the most challenging seasons to be a driver. While there are ways to drive safely, some drivers aren’t prepared to handle harsh road conditions. As a result, it leads to winter accidents that can cause lasting damage to everyone involved. If you’re caught in an accident this winter, you have the right to seek compensation for your injuries.

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