8 Ways You Can Get Seriously Injured on a Cruise Ship

Most people associate cruise ships with fun and leisure. You can bask in the sun. Gaze out over the ocean. Enjoy wonderful meals. In many cruise ships, excitement and pleasure are the order of the day, with entertainment, gaming, and special events.

Unfortunately, cruise ships can also turn dangerous, and even deadly.

Multiple Ways to Be Seriously Injured While on a Cruise

Cruise ships have all the dangers of tall and complex buildings — and in addition, all the dangers of deep water and complex marine navigation.

You can be seriously injured by the following:

  1. Falls overboard
  2. Falls down stairs
  3. Fire onboard, either in your cabin or other parts of the ship
  4. Docking accidents
  5. Accidents involving another vessels
  6. Navigational mistakes
  7. Swimming pool accidents
  8. Infections from viruses contracted on board or at ports of call

Not only can you be seriously injured or even killed by all of these and more, but treatment can turn into a medical emergency. While cruise ships may have medical personnel onboard, they may be unable to adequately treat your injury. If they airlift you to land, it can cost as much as $25,000. If you need or prefer to be transported back to the U.S., it can end up costing thousands more.

A Distinct Body of Law Governing Cruise Ships

When injuries or death happen on a cruise ship or as a result of incidents there, any legal claims will likely be considered under maritime law or other applicable federal law and state law, depending on the nature and circumstances of the injury.

Cruise ships are designated as “common carriers,” meaning that they have a special duty to passengers above and beyond the ordinary reasonable care required of other providers of services.

Maritime law is a distinct body of law. It is complex. If you have a legal claim, for example, it may be possible to seek compensation from the vessel’s owner, the ship operator, the charter company, or even the ticketing agency.

Because cruise ship injuries can be extremely serious in nature, it is important that you begin the process of seeking recovery as soon as possible upon reaching shore.

Unfortunately, when accidents aboard a cruise ship happen, the victims are often pressured or coerced into making statements about the circumstances that caused the harm they sustained. This may significantly compromise their ability to recover damages down the road. For that reason, the experienced maritime attorneys at Edelman, Krasin & Jaye urge you to contact us as soon as possible following any accident on a cruise ship or at sea.

The Long Island and New York maritime lawyers at Edelman, Krasin & Jaye will listen to the facts of the case, determine the applicable law, and develop the most persuasive case possible on your behalf.

Our initial consultation is free; we will discuss your case and possible next steps. Call 1-800-469-7429 for a free consultation with an experienced New York City and Long Island maritime attorney today.

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