Bicyclist-Pedestrian Accidents on the Rise in NY

It’s no secret that traffic accidents in NYC claim far too many lives – both pedestrians and motorists.

Unfortunately, New York pedestrian accident lawyers have noted that residents also have another danger to contend with: accidents involving bicyclists striking pedestrians.

Recently, a wife and mother of two lost her life after being struck by a bicyclist. Jill Tarlov was in a crosswalk in the park when bicyclist Jason Marshall allegedly ran into her, causing severe head trauma that killed her several days later. Authorities are investigating the possibility of pressing charges against the bicyclist.

Unfortunately, Tarlov isn’t the only New York City resident recently struck by a bicyclist. Eighty-year-old Erich Erlbach, who is an emeritus physics professor at City College, was struck on Overlook Terrace. Local residents say the area is notorious for being a “racetrack” for enthusiastic bicyclists. Erlbach is still fighting critical injuries. Not even two weeks after Erlbach was struck, a woman was hit in the same location.

Pedestrian accident liability in NYC

Unlike bicyclists, pedestrians generally do not walk down the street wearing helmets. This means that they are particularly vulnerable to sustaining severe head trauma when a rogue bicyclist knocks them to the ground. Just like drivers of cars, bicyclists are required to follow the rules of the road. When they disregard these rules or behave in a reckless fashion, they may be held accountable for injuries sustained in accidents with pedestrians.

There are a number of ways in which a pedestrian accident attorney in New York might prove that a bicyclist is at fault for the accident. The attorney may prove that the pedestrian had right of way by crossing a street within a crosswalk, as with the case of Jill Tarlov. She was crossing within a traffic light-enforced crosswalk when she was struck. A bicyclist may be found liable for leaving a designated bicycle lane to cycle within a designated pedestrian or vehicle lane, as with the case of the cyclist who struck Jill Tarlov.

The attorney might also prove that the bicyclist was behaving in a reckless fashion, such as by using excessive speed. It can sometimes be difficult to prove excessive speed associated with a bicycle accident. However, some newer models track the cyclist’s speed. The bicyclist who struck Tarlov reportedly uses advanced software to upload his average speeds to a racing enthusiasts’ website. This may prove useful in the event the family decides to demand wrongful death compensation with the help of their lawyer.

NY bike accident attorneys can help

Have you or a loved one sustained injuries from a careless or reckless bicyclist in New York? You may have a claim for monetary damages. The pedestrian accident lawyers of Edelman, Krasin & Jaye can explain your legal options, which may include filing a wrongful death or personal injury lawsuit.

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