Bill Targets Nursing Home Abuse with In-Room Cameras

A proposed bill would allow video cameras to be installed in assisted living facilities, in an attempt to deter elder abuse and neglect.

Under the proposal, backed by Missouri Rep. Andrew McDaniel, families would have the option to voluntarily install video cameras in their loved one’s rooms at their own expense. The security cameras would allow them to more actively monitor their relatives, and access live feeds remotely.

Missouri nursing homes have raised concerns that the bill would violate patients’ privacy, and their lobbyists have stopped similar legislation from being passed over the past few years. However, House Bill 398 affords concessions for patient privacy, allowing the cameras to be turned off when the nursing home resident is getting dressed or taking a bath.

House Bill 398 created to deter neglect and abuse

Representative McDaniel says he penned House Bill 398 in response to an alarming number of reports involving nursing home neglect, abuse and sexual exploitation in facilities across the state. McDaniel told a CBS St. Louis news affiliate he received stories of families who found their loved ones covered in bedsores, after being left to lie in their own waste for days.

Proponents of HB 398 argue that the legislation would help ensure the quality treatment of nursing home residents in Missouri facilities, and allow families to monitor medication administration and day-to-day care, in addition to watching out for incidences of neglect or abuse.

Under House Bill 398, nursing home facilities would be barred from accessing video camera recordings without written consent, and anyone caught tampering with or destroying a camera or recorded footage would face criminal charges.

At present HB 398 is pending without a scheduled hearing date in the Missouri House of Representatives. If HB 398 is passed and approved by the Governor, it could go into effect as early as August 2017.

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