Chaging your Lawyer: Man Stressed on the Phone

Changing Your Lawyer in a Personal Injury Case in New York

In the aftermath immediately following an accident, you may hastily choose an attorney to represent you in the hopes that they would resolve your case to the best of their ability. Sometimes, however, a decision made in haste may result in obtaining an attorney that you feel is not representing you appropriately. Suppose this is your situation, and you are not satisfied with how you are represented. In that case, you have the right to speak to and obtain another lawyer. Luckily, changing your personal injury lawyer in New York is possible at any time and at any point in the case, without costing you any additional money. 

Be aware of the red flags.

  • Failure to return phone calls or emails promptly
  • Dismissing your concerns and treating you disrespectfully
  • Attempting to settle your case for less than it is worth
  • Not listening to your concerns and failing to provide regular status updates
  • You are asked to provide the documentation you already provided
  • You receive notices from the court or third party stating that a deadline was missed or that your case will be dismissed for lack of activity

Get a second opinion.

Allow our experienced attorneys at Edelman, Krasin, and Jaye to provide you with a second opinion and evaluate your case. While it can be hard to know whether your issues are with your attorney, a bogged court system, or uncooperative third parties, a second opinion will help put your mind at ease or give you the knowledge you need to decide to move on. 

Making the Change

If you believe the relationship with your attorney is unrepairable, you are entitled to terminate the engagement and make the switch. Fortunately, changing your lawyer will not cost you any additional money, and the process will be as seamless as possible. 

We are here to help.

If you or a loved one has been injured and are not happy with your current representation, contact professional attorneys to represent you. At Edelman, Krasin, & Jaye, PLLC, we offer more than 60 years of combined experience. We have convenient office locations in Long Island, Brooklyn, and the Bronx, and we know how to approach these cases to get the results you need. Our firm is committed to bringing the compensation you deserve. Contact our New York offices by phone at 866-576-0484 to schedule an appointment. You can also contact us using our online contact form and on our Live Chat application on our website to have your questions answered at any time.