Could a DWI in New York end your career?

The penalties for driving while intoxicated (DWI) are, understandably, quite steep. If you’re convicted of a DWI charge, you face everything from fines and higher insurance costs to a lost license, probation or even jail time. A conviction could also result in you losing or having difficulty securing a job – even if it’s your first (and only) offense.

How a drunk or drugged driving arrest can affect your job prospects

Gone are the days when everybody (including employers) shrugged off the occasional drinking bout and irresponsible behavior. Today, employers are cautious about their public image and who they hire. Background checks are common, and a conviction can cause a potential employer to look elsewhere, particularly if the position you are applying for requires a high deal of trust. Anybody with a criminal record is automatically suspect.

A DWI conviction on your record may also put your ability to obtain a professional license in danger. A felony conviction is a barrier to gun possession and thus may end your law enforcement career. You may also have difficulty maintaining your commercial carrier license with a recent DWI conviction on your record. Other jobs simply require people to have a valid driver’s license and reliable transportation — something you may not have for a while if your license is revoked and your car is impounded over a DWI.

What to do when the stakes are high

One of the worst things you can do if you’re facing DWI charges here in Manhattan is to assume that they’ll go away. New York police officers and prosecutors take suspected drunk and drugged driving seriously. They’ll invest all their resources in trying to hold you accountable for your alleged indiscretions. That’s why you need a criminal defense attorney on your side to advocate for you and your rights when it seems that the law is coming after you full force.