Crashes Highlight Dangers Facing Long Island Motorcyclists

There is no denying the fact that operating a motorcycle on the open road in New York carries a distinct set of enhanced risks. The laws of physics, the weight disparities between cars, trucks and motorcycles and the dangerous inattention and negligence of other drivers all combine to place bike aficionados at a greater likelihood of sustaining serious or even fatal injuries than those in larger vehicles.

The dangers faced by motorcyclists in the state have been underscored in recent days by two fatal accidents, one in Freeport and one in North Lindenhurst.

When you or someone you love sustains serious or fatal injuries in a motorcycle accident, it is important to realize that expert legal help is available. The Long Island motorcycle accident attorneys of Edelman, Krasin & Jaye are armed with decades of experience successfully fighting for the rights of victims.

38-year-old motorcyclist dies in Suffolk County

On the evening of May 2, Christopher Sliwoski, a 38-year-old motorcyclist from Lindenhurst died in a collision with an SUV at the intersection of 45th Street and Straight Path. According to Suffolk County Police, the driver of the SUV was headed eastbound on 45th Street when Sliwoski, who was traveling northbound on Straight Path, hit the SUV at the intersection.

The motorcyclist was ejected and pronounced dead on site. The driver of the SUV did not sustain any injuries and remained at the accident scene. Both vehicles were impounded by police and the investigation into the incident continues.

Accident kills Merrick woman on Mill Road in Freeport

The following evening, yet another motorcyclist died as the result of a collision, this time in Nassau County. On May 3, a 52-year-old woman from Merrick was killed in Freeport after making impact with the median on Mill Road near Merrick Road. The driver of the motorcycle was ejected after hitting the median and landed Merrick Road’s westbound lanes.

A passing motorist stopped to render assistance to the motorcyclist and was himself struck by a driver who then also struck the ejected motorcyclist. Both the driver of the motorcycle and the motorist who stopped to help were transported to the hospital. The motorcyclist was subsequently pronounced dead, while the driver of the other vehicle received treatment for injuries considered not to be life-threatening in nature. Suffolk County Police Homicide Squad detectives impounded both vehicles for investigative purposes.

Protecting the rights of motorcyclists

When a motorcycle accident occurs and cause severe injury or death, it can often be difficult to pinpoint the true cause of the incident. In New York, over 50% of all motorcycle accidents also have one or more other vehicles involved, and it is often the case that the motorcyclist was not at fault in the collision. Sadly, it is often the failure those driving cars, buses and trucks to treat motorcyclists the same as they would the drivers of larger vehicles that causes the most serious harm.

Driver negligence that leads to motorcycle crashes includes behaviors such as:

  • Operating at excessive speeds

  • Distracted driving

  • Tailgating

  • Failure to yield

  • Improper lane changes and passing

In addition to driver negligence, serious injury motorcycle accidents can also be caused by defectively manufactured equipment on the motorcycle itself or on another driver’s vehicle or even poorly maintained roads. In such situations, it may be possible for victims to pursue the parties responsible for such conditions and to secure substantial financial recovery to pay for:

  • Past, present and future medical expenses

  • Lost wages

  • Loss of earning capacity

  • Rehabilitation and therapy

  • Pain and suffering

  • Emotional distress

  • Funeral expenses

Long Island motorcycle accident lawyers

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