Defendant in Fatal Long Island DUI Crash Caught Trying to Flee the US

Described by many as a “despicable millionaire,” the infamous New York developer Sean Ludwick has been finally ordered to stay put – and will remain in Suffolk County jail until the conclusion of his vehicular homicide trial, and possibly much longer.

According to reports, Ludwick – who fatally injured a colleague following a 2013 drunken collision with a Hamptons utility pole – was re-arrested in January after tipsters alerted police that he may be plotting to flee the country via a GPS-enabled yacht capable of making it to South America. Going so far as to take sailing lessons from an outfit in Puerto Rico, Ludwick was hauled back to New York after the sailing instructor got a “bad vibe,” and Googled the “obnoxious, overbearing jerk” – revealing the details of the ongoing criminal proceeding in Suffolk County.

Suspect dumps victim’s body on Hamptons road

The underlying details of the Ludwick case are particularly gruesome, as police report he brazenly dumped the victim’s body along the side of a winding Hamptons back road. As well, Ludwick is alleged to have removed the victim’s wallet – presumably to preclude any identification of the body – and tossed it in a nearby forest. It was recovered shortly after the body was discovered, and Ludwick was quickly charged with 12 criminal counts, including aggravated homicide.

After meeting his $1 million bail, Ludwick found himself unable to fly out of the United States due to the relinquishment of his passport. Instead, he traveled to San Juan to learn to sail, and inquired about a $450,000 Beneteau Oceanis sailboat equipped with the necessary components to sail from the U.S. to a safe haven in South America.

Liability in DUI accidents

Under laws of negligence and liability, a driver can face significant civil consequences any time he engages in unreasonably dangerous misconduct. While this sort of behavior can take many forms, driving while intoxicated is a well-settled example of negligence behind the wheel – and anyone facing physical injury or property damage as a result of the DUI may be able to make a claim under the applicable civil laws.

Here, Mr. Ludwick’s victim tragically met his demise as a result of the crash. In that scenario, it will be up to the victim’s surviving spouse and next-of-kin to initiate what is known as a “wrongful death” lawsuit against Ludwick, which allows for compensation to redress the emotional toll and loss of companionship experienced by a victim’s spouse and children in this type of scenario. Moreover, the victim’s family may be able to recover the costs and expenses of his funeral, burial and final medical expenses, assuming attempts were made to revive the victim on-scene.

Surviving DUI victims are similarly situated to recover from the driver at fault in the crash, and may seek compensation for all direct and incidental costs incurred as a result of the accident. What’s more, a DUI accident lawsuit can also help compensate for the diminished property value – or total loss – of the victim’s vehicle.

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