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Drop object work accidents are preventable

Dropping an object may not seem like a big deal for New York residents, but it can mean the difference between life and death at a construction site. Something as innocuous as a hammer drop can end up injuring a number of construction workers and shutting down a construction site. Despite how preventable they are, they are a very common type of accident that takes place at a construction site.

What is a dropped object accident?

dropped object can be anything from a chainsaw to a plastic bucket. The repercussions of the drop depend on the size and weight of the object, in addition to the height from which it fell and where it landed. If the object fell because force was applied to it from another object, such as wind knocking over a traveling load, it will most likely cause more damage than an empty bucket accidentally slipping over. Additionally, injuries also depend on how the object makes contact. If an object falls directly to the floor, unimpeded, the effect will be different from the effect of an object that is deflected by something else, turning it into a projectile.

What are an employer’s obligations at the workplace?

Businesses have an obligation to make their workplace safe for their employees, even if the nature of their work is inherently dangerous. Specifically with regards to dropped objects, there are standards in place for object management in the industry in general and construction work specifically. Unfortunately, the standards are relatively new and haven’t been fully implemented, resulting in employers using DYI fixes that are not effective.

As many as 5% of workplace injuries take place because of a dropped object. An injured worker may be able to file a workers’ compensation claim that can cover the cost of their medical treatment and our law firm can help injured workers get the compensation they need to move forward with their life.