two vehicle car accident

Steps to take following a car accident

What a car accident victim does after a car accident can be important, especially if the victims decides at some point to bring a claim for the damages they have suffered against the negligent driver responsible for the harm they had suffered. Car accident victims should be familiar with what to do following a car accident.

Steps to take after a car accident

There are several actions to take following a car accident including:

  • Stay at the scene – it is important to remain at the scene of the accident which is especially true if injuries are involved.
  • Check and secure passengers – it is also important to check the well being of the passengers, pets, children and others in the vehicle and to secure them following the car accident.
  • Seek medical attention – any medical attention that is needed should be immediately sought and emergency responders and an ambulance should be summoned if necessary.
  • Summon law enforcement authorities to the scene – it is also important to summon police to the scene which will also create a police report that can be important later on.
  • Collect as much information as possible – information including the name and insurance information of the other driver and names and contact details for any witnesses should all be collected.
  • Take photographs – as much as possible, photos of any damage or injuries should be taken.
  • Take notes – when possible, the car accident victim should take notes about as much as they can remember about the car accident.
  • Keep medical records – car accident victims should keep detailed medical records following the car accident.

Make informed decisions

There is likely a lot on the minds of car accident victims following an unexpected car accident. Because important legal protections can be available to help them with their damages suffered in the car accident, victims should know what steps to take following a car accident and also be aware that important timelines govern the filing of a claim for damages. For more information we, at Edelman, Krasin & Jaye, PLLC, are always ready to help you.