Edelman, Krasin & Jaye Secures $1.5 M Workplace Injury Settlement

Edelman, Krasin & Jaye, led by trial counsel Allen J. Rosner, recently secured a $1,500,500 settlement for a New York client who suffered severe workplace injuries on a construction site.  Plaintiff Anthony Marfoglio, a 58-year old plumber, was installing plumbing in an unfinished house in East Quogue when the staircase collapsed beneath him, causing him to sustain cervical disc injuries, nerve damage and other complications requiring surgery.

We were able to negotiate a pretrial settlement with defense counsel, providing Mr. Marfolglio fair compensation for his injuries, pain and suffering, without stepping into a courtroom. The case Marfoglio v Meadowcrest Homes was filed in Suffolk County Supreme Court.

$1.5 million for workplace safety violations

The complaint was brought against Robert F. Strecker, Meadowcrest Distinctive Homes, Meadowcrest Homes @ Greenville, LLC, and Sunrise to Sunset Construction Corp. Each of the defendants denied liability on the grounds that they had not ordered or performed installation of the prefabricated staircase, which was not sufficiently secured.

Attorney Allen J. Rosner argued that Sunrise to Sunset Construction Corp. — the project’s general contractor — and the property owners violated New York State Labor Law by failing to provide adequate safety protections as mandated by Labor Law § 241(6).

The substantial injury settlement takes into account the significant medical bills, lost income, rehabilitation and limitations suffered by Mr. Marfolglio, who has had several surgeries since the accident took place in 2008.

Mr. Marfoglio sustained injuries to his right knee, ulnar nerve, cervical spine and wrist, and in 2009 had knee replacement surgery followed by a discectomy in 2015.  The plaintiff spent several months in physical therapy, and today continues to suffer pain and limited mobility that prevents him from performing his normal job duties.

The case illustrates the dangers facing manual laborers at worksites where state-required safety measures are absent. The settlement also signifies the importance of justly compensated those who are injured on the job because of workplace negligence.

New York personal injury lawyers

Edelman, Krasin & Jaye, a Long Island-based personal injury law firm, is pleased to announce this workplace injury settlement, which marks another victory for our clients. For more information about our legal services, or to arrange a free case review, you can reach our Bronx and Long Island offices by calling 1.800.469.7429.