Injured your back at work? Don’t settle your workers’ compensation claim too early

If you have ever hurt your back, you will know how much it can affect your ability to do everyday tasks. Reaching down to pick up something, sitting down or standing up can all become painful or impossible.

How frequent are back injuries at work?

Back injuries are among some of the most common reported by workers. They amount to one in five of all workplace injuries and are responsible for around 264 million lost workdays. They are bad for employees and employers alike.

What makes back injuries challenging to settle?

Some injuries are relatively easy to settle with your employer’s workers’ compensation insurer. You can predict how long they will take to heal, and they leave little long-lasting damage. Back injuries are much more complicated. An injury that initially requires a few days off work may be the start of lifelong complications.

Many back injuries result from a series of smaller injuries that weaken the muscles that support the spine. Or they are the product of repetitive motions year after year.  What you think is a one-off injury, could add to the long history of accumulated injuries leaving your back permanently weakened. While you can avoid using certain parts of your body when you injure them, you can never avoid using your back. You call it into play with almost everything you do.

An insurer may be eager to settle for a workplace back injury. If you do not feel too bad, you may consider accepting their offer. However, this could leave you with financial problems if your injury worsens or fails to heal fully. It is best to seek an attorney’s advice when filing a workers’ compensation claim to ensure you do not suffer financially in the long term.