Long Island Construction Worker Crushed to Death

A 47 year-old construction worker was crushed to death in the basement of a Long Island home by a retaining wall he had recently built. The fatal accident occurred when the wall collapsed while the man and two co-workers were installing a staircase in the basement apartment in Huntington Station. In a tragic postscript, the owner of the home had not obtained the necessary permits to do the work nor was it clear if the construction firm, owned by the victim, was licensed to do the work.

According to the U.S. Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), there are nearly 1000 deaths each year that occur in the workplace. Of these, one out of every five fatalities involves a construction worker. In New York City, there were 8 construction fatalities in 2012. In 2013, fatalities dropped to 3.

However, there was a significant leap in New York jobsite accidents from 119 to 157 in the 12 month period from 2011 to 2012, an increase of 31%. Jobsite injuries also rose 46% from 126 to 187 in that period. The number of reported construction-related accidents ticked up 5.7 percent to 186 in 2013, and the number of reported construction-related injuries climbed 4.3 percent to 195 in 2013.

Veteran construction accident lawyers needed

The retaining wall accident is complex in that the victim was killed by the collapse of the same wall he himself had recently finished building. He was also the owner of the firm and may not have been licensed to perform the work. Yet another element is that the homeowner who contracted for the work to be done did not secure the necessary building permits.

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NY labor laws and construction injuries

New York labor laws are very protective of construction workers. In this case, is the homeowner liable? In fact, an injured worker may sue a third party if that party had control of a site that he or she knew or should have known was dangerous. Should the homeowner have known the job site was not safe for the workers? Who will provide the victim’s family with the necessary financial help to cover the now tragic and permanent loss of wages and economic support?

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Even if the workers were undocumented, they have the right to file a personal injury lawsuit in New York. If a worker is not working here legally, they do not need to fear their suit will affect their ability to stay in the country.

Legal assistance from Edelman, Krasin and Jaye

There are many types of construction accident injuries including falls, burns, amputations, electrocution, and spinal cord or brain injuries. When a worker is injured, he or she is covered by workers’ compensation. But that may not be enough to cover the severe injuries that occur at construction sites.The Long Island construction accident lawyers at Edelman, Krasin & Jaye offer free legal consultations to workers who have been injured in construction accidents and need compensation.

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