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Nap Nanny Lawyers offer Free Consultations for Parents of Injured Children

The Nap Nanny infant recliner has been recalled due to a series of injuries linked to design defects associated with the device. Parents of children injured by the product may now receive free legal consultations by product liability lawyers at Edelman, Krasin & Jaye.

It is possible that some of those families may be eligible for legal compensation for their children’s injuries, medical expenses and other non-economic losses suffered.

New product linked to deaths, injuries

The Nap Nanny infant recliner was introduced by Baby Matters, LLC, as an alternative for infants who had trouble sleeping in a crib. The portable recliner was sold by major manufacturers like Amazon, Buy Buy Baby and Babies “R” Us, and purchased by hundreds of parents looking for another way to lull their infants into slumber. Approximately 165,000 recliners were sold between 2009 and 2012, while the product was on the market. Sadly, a series of accidents linked to the Nap Nanny have resulted in the recall of the recliner, as well as the potential for litigation against the manufacturer.

According to a report at Good Morning America, six infants have died and more than 90 more have suffered accidents as a result of what some are calling defective design of the Nap Nanny. These infants have been suffocated or suffered injury after falling out of the cushioned seat. Some were found hanging by the harness and and others got stuck between the recliner and a crib bumper or other soft bedding inside the crib. Even though the product was recalled by the manufacturer in 2013, additional accidents have prompted the Consumer Product Safety Commission to urge retailers to pull the product from their shelves and file a Nap Nanny lawsuit against the manufacturer to prevent further problems.

The product recall did not include revised instructions or options for “fixing” the device to make it safer. Instead, the company simply told parents to stop using the Nap Nanny due to the risks. Some major retailers agreed to provide full refunds for the products sold through their companies. The Consumer Product Safety Commission is also warning parents not to use Nap Nanny recliners purchased at yard sales or on eBay.

Nap Nanny lawsuits may follow recall

The Consumer Product Safety Commission told USA Today the products “create a substantial product hazard, contain a design defect and have inadequate instructions and warnings.” The organization filed a lawsuit against Baby Matters, LLC, in 2012, the same year the company went out of business. A spokesperson for the company told Good Morning America it was “heartbreaking” that children died while using the product, but that the Nap Nanny’s safety record was perfect when the product was used as it was designed. The recliner was never meant for use in an infant crib.

Unintentional suffocation is one of the leading causes of death in infants in the United States. Most of those incidents occur due to unsafe sleeping conditions. One of those conditions might include the use of soft bedding like blankets or sleep positioners placed in the crib. The risk is highest among infants younger than six months.

When a product is marketed as a sleep device for infants, this can cause confusion for parents. Is the device safe for use during naps or nighttime? In the case of the Nap Nanny, injury and death statistics suggest the product was not safe for use in the crib or in other situations.

Legal advice from NY Nap Nanny attorneys

Parents who have lost children due to the unsafe condition of the Nap Nanny may have legal recourse. Those whose children were injured by the product may also be eligible for compensation. To learn more about your rights in filing a New York Nap Nanny lawsuit, contact the firm of Edelman, Krasin & Jaye.

We offer free case evaluations and will work hard to provide you with the best legal representation possible if your case proceeds. Call 1-800-469-7429 to schedule your case review with our lawyers today.