New Birthing Center Opens in NYC Bronx Hospital

A new birthing center has opened at North Central Bronx Hospital in New York City. Hospital administrators are hoping the increased staff, training and updated equipment will increase safety at the center and minimize odds of parents filing a New York birth injury malpractice lawsuit.

The previous labor unit for the hospital, which included an extensive midwife program, abruptly closed in August, 2013, citing inadequate staff and equipment for safe deliveries of newborns. The closing resulted in protests by members of the community that regarded the maternity ward as a neighborhood facility where generations of children had been delivered.

The closing of the unit led to protests and lobbying by Bronx residents. However, hospital officials told the New York Times the plan was always to reopen the facility once adequate staffing and quality control procedures could be met. Before closing, the unit delivered approximately 1,400 babies annually.

Concerns over patient safety prompt closing

Despite the fact that the midwife program at North Central Bronx Hospital was highly regarded, concerns over poor staff retention and broken, outdated equipment plagued the center. Staff had also raised issues of working more hours than was considered safe to ensure quality patient care. Eventually, the city pitched in with funding and other support to ensure the reopening of the unit would provide the quality of care North Central Bronx had become known for.

The new labor unit will staff at least one physician, two midwives and a physician assistant on duty at all times to handle all patients admitted to the center. Dr. Michael J. Zinaman, head of obstetrics at both North Central Bronx and nearby Jacobi Hospital, said the unit was designed to handle approximately 2,000 births each year. Officials are counting on the expanded training, larger staff and modern facility to alleviate staff retention issues.

Shortly after the new unit opened, it saw its first delivery. The New York Daily News reported that Nova Bryant was born to parents Sierra Brownfield and Calvin Bryant on October 23, 2014. No complications were reported with that delivery and both baby and parents were reportedly doing well.

Birth injuries during delivery

While hospitals regularly take measures to enhance patient safety in maternity wards across the country, the delivery process is not always a positive experience. Birth injuries can occur to the newborn, sometimes due to staff negligence or inability to handle some emergency situations appropriately. There are many factors that can increase the likelihood of a birth injury, including exceptionally large babies, long and unproductive labors, prematurity and abnormal birthing positions.

Some birth injuries may resolve on their own within days or weeks of the birth. Other birth injuries can be devastating for the entire family, requiring ongoing medical care and other services over the child’s lifetime. In addition to the emotional and physical stress birth injuries can cause, financial strain over mounting medical bills and lost wages as parents take off work to care for their injured children can also be very traumatic.

Filing a New York birth injury malpractice lawsuit

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