New York Nursing Home Cited for Multiple Counts of Neglect

When family sends an elderly member to a nursing home for care, they expect their loved one to be treated with respect and the highest level of care available. Unfortunately, this is not the reality for many admitted to nursing homes across the country. One facility in Western New York highlights the need for better oversight and legal recourse when residents are not treated appropriately.

WKBW reports that the Niagara Rehabilitation and Nursing in Niagara Falls featured some of the poorest conditions witnessed at nursing homes in the Western New York area. After moving her relatives from some of the most troubling facilities in the state, including Emerald South and Humboldt House, Jackie Murray-White placed her mother in Niagara Rehabilitation and Nursing in Niagara Falls.

Sadly, the nursing home chosen was considered a “modern day poor house and nursing home of last resort,” according to a report by the local Buffalo station WKBW. In fact, complaints by a resident resulted in a two-month long investigation by WKBW into the facility and the results were troubling, to say the least. In taking care of her own loved one, Murray-White noted some serious concerns for the residents at the facility.

Limited bathroom assistance

Murray-White notes soon after her mother was admitted to the facility that assistance to bathroom appeared to be painfully limited, In fact, the woman told WKBW that she stopped bringing her new baby to the center because of the overpowering stench of urine in the facility. She told WKBW that she and her sister had to make special arrangements to ensure their mother got to the bathroom.

“My sister and I would have to leave our homes because no one would come to take her to the bathroom,” Miller-White told WKBW. “There was a time where [our mother] sat for two or three hours in her own pee because no one would clean her up – they would yell at her for calling.”

Nursing home violations

Tragically, Miller-White’s account is not the only one to reveal the alleged negligence at Niagara Rehabilitation and Nursing. This facility has earned one of the worst ratings in Western New York in recent years, despite the change of ownership in 2012. In fact, the federal government ranks this nursing home with one out of five stars, with 23 violations that lead the state in averages for nursing homes.

Violations at this nursing home include “severe, systemic deficiencies,” which fail to provide the necessary care and services to its residents. Some of the violations include bed sores for some patients, which can lead to serious skin infections. Neglect to provide residents with antibiotics is another charge, which could lead to worsening of a resident’s condition.

One incident of nursing home neglect led to the death of a resident there, according to state documents. A man that was sent to the facility on January 20 began complaining of abdominal pain around 2:00 a.m. For two-and-one-half hours, no one on the staff monitored the patient’s vital signs or called for a physician to assess the man’s condition. The patient died a few hours later, resulting in a $10,000 fine for the facility.

Filing a nursing home abuse lawsuit

If you feel that you have a case against a particular nursing home, it is essential that you document all proceedings to show negligence on the part of the facility. The more documentation you have, the more weight you carry when you seek legal action against the nursing home facility. If the nursing home violates the state or federal laws involving the maintenance of nursing home, they may be liable for reimbursing their residents the monetary amount that they have lost in trusting those facilities to provide them with the proper care.

Edelman, Krasin & Jaye has experience working with cases of nursing home neglect and can help you protect your loved one from actions that might be detrimental to their health or mental well-being. If you would like a free case evaluation or answers to your legal questions, contact our NY personal injury lawyers at 1-800-469-7429.

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