New York Texting & Driving Accident Victims Have Legal Recourse

Although the majority of Americans know that they should not text and drive, many do so anyway. Despite a number of measures, including those related to technology, education, and tougher laws, are now being tested to see if they will have an impact on Americans behavior, distracted driving is still a major cause of death and injury on the road. Those who have suffered injury or loss due to the negligent behavior of drivers who use their cell phones behind the wheel should consult with a NY car accident lawyer to understand their rights.

Measures to stop distracted driving include the invention of a device to prevent the practice. An engineer whose company has built equipment for NASA has turned his sights to the invention of a device that will prevent texting and driving. Scott Tibbitts, with his company Katasi, has worked for five years on the invention that does not allow drivers to text and blocks incoming calls, thus making the roads safer by stopping distracted driving incidents.

Tibbitts was inspired to find a way to prevent distracted driving after a business partner whom he was supposed to meet was killed on the road by a teenager who was texting. With distracted driving the number one cause of deadly traffic accidents, Tibbitts hopes his inventions will save lives.

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Other experts in the area are less optimistic that such devices alone will solve the problem. They point to the combination of education and strict laws as the way in which alcohol-related driving accidents were reduced in the past.

Currently, however, laws concerning cell phone related car accidents are inconsistent, with some states banning only texting while driving even as other states ban all cell phone use completely. Paul Atchley, a University of Kansas psychologist who studies the issue argues that only a law that bans any manipulation of the phone while driving will be likely to have a significant impact on drivers’ behavior.

As experts in various areas work to curb this destructive behavior, New York texting and driving accident attorneys are available to help those who have been harmed by drivers who text or talk on the road. New York law bans the use of cell phones while driving for any reason other than to call 911 or contact other emergency personnel. And experienced attorneys can make use of this law to ensure that negligent drivers are made to be responsible for their actions.

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A New York distracted driving lawyer from Edelman, Krasin, & Jaye can help victims obtain the compensation they deserve for their injuries. Car accident victims can be left saddled with medical bills, lost wages, or even permanent injuries that will have a negative impact on their lives and careers.

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