Nursing Home Abuse Case that Shocked the Nation

The team at Edelman, Krasin & Jaye are concerned about the treatment of some of our elderly residents in nursing homes and assisted care facilities across Long Island. Reports of abuse, including the abandonment of 19 elderly patients at a nursing home in California two years ago, remind us of the need for careful scrutiny of facilities where we place loved ones.

If you or a member of your family is the victim of this type of abuse, a Long Island nursing home abuse lawyer at Edelman, Krasin & Jaye can help you pursue compensation for injuries and suffering.

Residents abandoned when nursing home closed

The California incident involved Valley Springs Manor, a nursing home that made headlines when it was closed by the state due to numerous violations. Unfortunately, when the California Department of Social Services made the decision to close the facility, it did not take into account what would happen to the residents still living in the facility that were not able to transfer to another location immediately.

As the staff of Valley Springs Manor began walking out on their jobs, one by one, they also walked out on the residents still bedridden inside.

Only two of the Valley Springs Manor staff, a cook and a janitor, stayed on without pay, to care for the residents left behind. Without any formal training in caring for elderly patients, the two men took on the task of bathing, feeding and administering medications to the 19 remaining patients. Working around the clock for a number of days, Miguel Alvarez and his childhood friend Maurice Rowland did their best to provide the care these patients desperately needed. When the condition of one of the residents began to deteriorate, the pair called 911 for help.

When emergency help arrived, sheriff’s deputies and paramedics took over the task of getting the nursing home residents into safe living arrangements. None of the patients appeared to have suffered any medical issues due to the days left without professional care, thanks to the efforts of Rowland and Alvarez. Although the two men were hailed as community heroes for caring for the nursing home residents, the situation underscored concerns about the quality of care the elderly receive when they are placed into nursing and assisted care facilities.

Warning signs of nursing home abuse

It is difficult to know exactly how prevalent nursing home abuse is in New York, due to underreporting of incidents. Oversight of nursing facilities is fragmented, with no central agency to coordinate reports and collect data. However, there is no doubt that nursing home abuse occurs and family members of nursing home residents need to be vigilant about the possible warning signs of abuse and neglect. Those signs might include bruising or other unexplained injuries, bed sores that are not treated, dirty clothing on patients or unexplained weight loss.

Filing a Suffolk County elder abuse lawsuit

When those signs occur, investigation into the reasons why is imperative. A Long Island nursing home abuse lawyer can guide you in the questions to ask and the agencies to talk to as you look into the reasons behind your relative’s seemingly unacceptable care. If negligence or abuse is confirmed, an experienced personal injury lawyer can help you take legal action to ensure your loved ones’ safety and pursue damages for any suffering that has occurred.

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