Rash of Pedestrian Car Accidents Hits New York City


A rash of car accidents resulting in the serious injuries or deaths of pedestrians has hit New York City, leaving New Yorkers seeking answers for the uptick in car violence against pedestrians.

Injuries and fatalities from pedestrian car accidents in 2014

This month, a school bus on the Upper East side fatally struck a woman, running her over as she crossed the street—this within just one month of another accident in the same precinct that claimed the life of a young woman (a college senior) hit by two cabs as she crossed a street. Kelly Gordon, just 22, and a student at Boston College, was in the City for job interviews when her life was tragically cut short by a pedestrian car accident.

Also this month, on the infamous Queens “Boulevard of Death,” an unidentified officer hit and killed another woman pedestrian in her 60’s. In April, a police officer had seriously injured an elderly man who had stepped out into the street on the Upper West side.

These pedestrian car accidents belong to a string of injuries and fatalities going back to at least January of this year, two of them taking the lives of young children: a 9-year-old boy was fatally struck by a taxi while taking a crosswalk with his father, also hurt; and a couple months later, a 5-year-old-boy was struck and killed by a car in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

Pedestrian car accidents prompt response from mayor

Within his very first days in office, and seeing four traffic deaths within just two days, Mayor Bill de Blasio boldly declared that his administration would reduce traffic deaths “literally” to zero. 2013 had seen 176 pedestrians killed by traffic accidents. Midway into 2014, that announcement has mostly translated into more ticketing of drivers and jaywalkers.

Jaywalking tickets are up eightfold this year, despite the mayor’s insistence that his plan for safer streets would not target pedestrians in particular.

One survivor of a pedestrian car accident shares her pain

The former executive editor of The New York Times, Jill Abramson, was herself a victim of a pedestrian car accident. A delivery truck making a turn as Abramson crossed the street with the light hit and seriously injured Abramson back in May 2007. That year, Abramson was one of 10,859 pedestrians struck and injured by a car, truck, taxi or bus. Abramson spent weeks in the hospital to recover from a broken left femur and broken pelvis, and endured blood transfusions, stitches in her right foot and the insertion of an inferior vena cava filter above her stomach to prevent blood clots.

Abramson was the first to admit, in an article she wrote for the Times, that her life will never be the same again: “Every time I see a white delivery truck coming down the street, an almost daily sight, my thoughts rebound to my accident. Some changes, like never stepping off the curb until the light has actually changed, or looking both ways before crossing (sometimes twice), are probably salutary. But you are never again sure that a vehicle that should stop will stop, and carefree pedestrian wanderings in the metropolitan area end abruptly and forever.”

How an experienced pedestrian accident lawyer can help

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