SUV collision on Long Island injures six

Auto accidents have a way of suddenly substituting chaos for what was, seconds earlier, a very calm and non-threatening scene. The riders in an SUV in North Bellmore, LI, recently experienced this violent change of scene when their vehicle was suddenly struck by a pickup truck and forced over a fence.

The accident

The SUV was northbound on Old Britton Road when the initial collision occurred. The impact sent the SUV flying over a fence on the edge of the road. The SUV hit another pickup truck while it was airborne and then struck a parked car before coming to rest. Residents of nearby houses immediately came to assist the victims. One resident pulled a two-month-old baby out of the car. Another rescuer pulled out the baby’s father. The mother apparently escaped from the SUV without assistance and was able to hold and comfort the baby.

The victims

The SUV was being driven by a woman. The passengers in the vehicle were her family members: her husband, her child and another man, who was her brother-in-law. The driver’s brother-in-law was unable to move any of his limbs. The husband of the driver is apparently paralyzed from the neck down. Another female victim suffered a severely injured knee. All victims were taken to Nassau University Medical Center. The driver of the SUV told her mother that the accident was caused by the driver of the pickup truck that apparently side-swiped the SUV.


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