The three steps to take after a motor vehicle accident

There is no guarantee that a car accident victim will receive the compensation they need to recover. The actions they take following the accident can significantly improve the outcome of their personal injury claim.

The average cost of a car accident claim involving bodily harm is over $15,000. A victim should not be the one who is responsible for the price of their recovery. Here are three critical steps that victims can take to defend themselves:

See a doctor

Regardless of how good you may feel after your accident, see a doctor. A doctor can confirm whether you are experiencing any unseen injuries like a traumatic brain injury or whiplash. The doctor’s notes about your visit can also establish your current health condition following the accident. These notes can help defend you from claims that your current status is not a result of the accident, but some other cause.

Consult an attorney

At-fault insurance companies rarely tell a victim the total expected cost of their injury. When victims are in the dark about how much their injury can cost them, insurance companies can get away with making lowball offers. An attorney can help a victim identify the crash’s current and future costs and help them pursue the best possible compensation.

Consider your legal options

Pursuing a settlement or litigation for your injury can have very different outcomes. Choosing to settle outside of court can result in faster payment, but of a smaller amount. Litigation can result in more substantial sums, but there is no guarantee of it. Taking a claim to court can also take much longer to receive the funds you need today. A personal injury attorney can help weigh your options and which might be best for you.

Protect your future

Do not underestimate the consequences of your injury. A car injury can result in lifelong consequences like multiple surgeries, essential medical equipment or prescriptions, or even untreatable pain. Hold liable parties accountable for their actions by acting in your defense today.