Two Miraculous Brain Injury Recovery Stories

The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that close to 1.4 million people are brought to emergency rooms every year with traumatic brain injury (TBI). The numbers are so large that medical professionals term TBI “The Silent Epidemic.”

Sometimes, the injury that causes brain injury is immediate and clear. At others, the injured person has no idea they have suffered an injury until a symptom — or multiple symptoms — surface. They can suffer headaches, pain, and even paralysis.

But people can recover from brain injury. Here are two stories of people who did.

Dylan Williams – Phi Beta Kappa Against the Odds

Dylan Williams was a student at Tufts University when he was hit by a car while crossing an intersection. His head crashed through the driver’s windshield. Initially, Dylan was unconscious and could neither speak nor move. His doctor told his mother he was unlikely to be able to feed himself or conduct other activities of daily life. Doctors didn’t know whether he would ever regain full high-level cognitive function.

But Dylan ended up graduating Phi Beta Kappa from Tufts. One of the doctors told his mother that if she’d asked 100 doctors whether that was possible after the accident, 100% would have said no.

Why could Dylan recover such high-level functioning? His youth was a huge advantage. Researchers believe that the brain’s neuroplasticity is higher when people are young. Neuroplasticity allows the brain to develop new connections for those that have been damaged, and to compensate.

Doctors stress that more research is needed into the brain’s coping mechanisms and neuroplasticity to understand how to treat TBI patients.

Nicole Eastman – Fighting Isolation

In the case of Dr. Nicole Eastman, she looked uninjured after being in an accident in which her vehicle was hit several times by a large semi truck. There were no visible injuries. Doctors examined her in the emergency room. She had a headache and back pain, but looked fine and was released the same day.

But Dr. Eastman developed severe TBI symptoms after arriving home. Her pain was very excruciating. She had to quit in the middle of her medical residency to deal with the symptoms.

However, she found a new career counseling TBI patients and sharing her story through multiple outlets, including social media. She still becomes fatigued easily. Yet she found a method of coping via changing her career. TBI can be socially isolating, and Dr. Eastman is helping patients deal with the sense of isolation.

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