Video Captures Shocking Elder Abuse in Queens Home

After viewing disturbing footage of a home health aide abusing their loved one, a Queens family has filed suit against Personal-Touch Home Care agency and one of their employees, Ihor Krutovskyi. Surveillance captured by the nanny cam shows 78-year-old Bentsion Murakhovsky – a partially paralyzed stroke victim who is confined to a wheelchair – helplessly suffering while the aide violently slaps his wrist and twists his nose, gesturing as if he were yelling at the senior.

The elderly victim is seen trembling in a series of clips, where Ihor Krutovskyi is caught red-handed as he tried to force feed his 115-pound patient while abruptly pushing a napkin into his face. The scenes are incredibly upsetting to watch and a stark reminder of the prevalence of elder abuse throughout New York and the rest of the country.

The New York nursing home abuse attorneys at Edelman, Krasin & Jaye are firm in their conviction that any type of elder abuse is indefensible, whether perpetrated by a home health aide or nursing home employee. If you believe that a loved one has been subject to emotional, physical or financial abuse, our firm will fight diligently to hold liable parties accountable.

78-year-old stroke victim abused by home care aide

According to the Murakhovsky family attorney, Bentsion’s spouse became suspicious after noticing her husband’s bruised face and withdrawn demeanor one day. He seemed not only scared but depressed, prompting their granddaughter to check the nanny cam footage. What they discovered was horrifying, especially considering she had pointed out the camera to the home aide on his first day of work. What good impressions Ihor Krutovskyi had initially made were completely erased in a matter of minutes, when soundless footage showed him assaulting their vulnerable husband and grandfather.

Krutovskyi had reportedly disconnected cables to the feed, thinking his actions would go undetected, but the nanny cam continued to record via a Blue Tooth connection. “Why would you hurt an old, sick man?” asked Murakhovsky’s saddened granddaughter Gabrielle. In a cruel twist, the very man she had enlisted to protect her grandfather’s welfare had taken advantage of a defenseless old man, who was too ill and weak to fight back.

“Mr. Murakhovsky was a prisoner of his own body, defenseless to stop the health-care worker looming in front of him,” commented the plaintiffs’ Queens elder abuse lawyer.

Upon his arrest, the Personal-Touch Home Care aide was charged with two felonies: endangering the welfare of an incompetent person and endangering the welfare of a vulnerable, elderly and disabled person.

Queens elder abuse lawyers offer sound legal advice

Sadly, research indicates that nursing home abuse and neglect is not only widespread in our nation, but also seriously underreported. Such reprehensible actions against our most vulnerable population should be stopped, and justice served to innocent victims. In-home health care professionals, hospital administrators and/or nursing home staff who commit any type of elder abuse may be faced with civil and criminal charges, leading to substantial verdicts and possible jail time.

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