What Happens When Tourists Are Injured in New York?

New York is not a city for the faint of heart. Between the crowds, the pace, the traffic and the constant construction, NYC can feel like an overwhelming or even dangerous place to visitors from out of town.

According to the New York Times, NYC is on pace to draw in 67 million tourists in 2019: a record number of visitors in what is already a bustling city. Most will leave the city with fond memories, souvenir t-shirts and bellies full of pizza, but some will leave with serious injuries. In March of this year, for example, a visitor was grazed by a bullet during a shooting at a Brooklyn subway stop. In May, a tourist sustained a head injury when a tree branch fell in Washington Square Park.

When tourists are hurt, who foots the bill?

Medical expenses are a serious concern for those who are hurt on vacation – particularly when they’ve already shelled out a significant sum for their trip. Available compensation for expenses like medical bills and time lost from work depends on your unique circumstances but, generally, it is possible to bring a claim for damages no matter where you are from.

For people from other parts of New York state, no-fault auto insurance provides medical benefits of up to $50,000 and lost wages up to $2,000 if your injury keeps you out of work. However, no-fault insurance claims can be adversarial, as many insurance companies fight them. It’s a good idea to work with an experienced law firm if you encounter any trouble getting a claim paid.

Fighting for justice from afar

A serious injury is enough to ruin a vacation. Tourists who are hurt in New York City may understandably balk at the thought of returning to town to give statements to an insurer or attend a trial. Fortunately, it is often possible to resolve an injury claim without returning to the scene of the accident. Your attorney should be able to represent you locally while you return home and get back to your life.

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