tire blowout

Who can you hold accountable if a tire injures you?

No motorist wants to hurt someone else if they can avoid it. Most drivers swerve around other cars, pedestrians, bicyclists and stray animals that may unexpectedly enter their paths. They often don’t do as good of a job in avoiding road debris, though.

Tires can, in particular, pose a significant injury or fatality risk. Let’s learn more.

Tires blow out on the interstates

If you see tires strewn about the roadway, it could be because they were not roadworthy due to poor maintenance or even from manufacturing defects. Factors such as speed, temperature, overfilling, friction, poor road maintenance and punctures can exacerbate any existing flaws and cause tires to burst as well.

Improperly tightened lug nuts and auto manufacturing defects may cause tires to come off the wheel while the vehicle is at high speeds.

Why does tire debris pose an injury risk?

Many motorists scan the road ahead for any people or objects in their path. Factors such as traffic congestion and speed can make noticing and braking for everything in your path difficult.

Any tire debris you encounter can fly up and strike someone or their car, causing severe injuries. It may knock them over or slam through their windshield, impaling them in the process.

Tires can come off or burst spontaneously, not giving you much time to swerve to get out of the way of a vehicle following close behind. You may lose control of your car. An errant tire may go traveling, slamming into other people or vehicles, causing devastation on the highway.

What can you do if a tire injures you?

Many don’t think of rubber car tires as capable of causing significant injuries. They can if they hit with some force, though. Fortunately, New York law may allow you to file a products liability lawsuit against a defective tire’s manufacturer.

You may be also able to hold a negligent motorist accountable for their vehicle’s poor maintenance and reckless driving if it resulted in your getting hurt as well. A personal attorney can advise you which option is the best for you to pursue.