YouTube star Corey La Barrie in fatal collision

Traveling in New York carries inherent risk for injury. Whether a person is driving, walking or riding as a passenger in another person’s vehicle, there is no way to know what sort of trouble may arise before arriving to one’s chosen destination. Sadly, driver negligence, distraction or intoxication often causes serious collisions in this state and across the country.

YouTube star Corey La Barrie was a passenger in a vehicle that recently crashed. He had reportedly been celebrating his birthday earlier that day. The driver of the vehicle he was in at the time of the collision was also at his party. La Barrie‘s mother said they had consumed alcohol.

Former “Ink Master” star, Daniel Silva, was driving the vehicle that suddenly went off the road and slammed into a stop sign, then a tree. Tragically, La Barrie, age 25, did not survive the injuries he suffered in the crash. The driver, age 26, was taken into police custody for suspected intoxication.

Many past collisions in New York have involved intoxicated drivers. The grief of a collision is always intensified by a loss of life. It is not uncommon for such incidents to lead to litigation, when a spouse or immediate family member files a wrongful death claim to seek financial recovery for damages caused by another person‘s negligence. Court-awarded compensation has brought financial relief to many grieving families who have been able to use such monies to cover funeral expenses and help resolve other financial issues related to an accident.