3 Strategies for Winning a Personal Injury Case

Personal injury cases are filed by people who have been injured due to another party’s negligent action or inaction. “Negligent” means that the person or entity (such as a business, organization, etc.) knew or should have known that conditions were unsafe enough to harm someone, had sufficient time to rectify the situation, and failed to do so.

Personal injury can occur for many reasons. An injury can result from a landlord failing to repair dangerous property, such as a broken sidewalk, for example. An injury may be caused by a car accident in which a driver doesn’t obey traffic laws, or a company making and selling an unsafe product.

How can you prepare to win a personal injury claim? While winning always depends on the strength of your case and how the court will view it, here are some good strategies.

1. Gather Evidence of Unsafe Conditions

A court needs evidence when judging a case. While you might have been harmed by negligence, you may not win a case unless there are hard facts and evidence that shows the court unsafe conditions.

Evidence can consist of pictures of the conditions surrounding a personal injury. Was a sidewalk broken and difficult to walk on, for example? Take pictures of it. Were you in a vehicle accident caused by the other driver? Get a copy of the police report, if there is one. Take pictures from every angle, and from both near and far away.

Did a kitchen appliance explode? Take pictures of it without cleaning it up first.

2. Gather Evidence of Personal Injury

You also need facts and evidence regarding your injury. If you have been injured, take pictures of the injury as soon as you can. Bruises can fade and cuts heal rapidly. You may need evidence of the damage done by the unsafe condition.

It’s also a good idea to see a doctor for your injuries. You doctor’s appointment provides a record that you were injured. The doctor’s diagnosis, medical treatment, any physical therapy, and prescription medications all serve as records of your injury, its consequences, and its costs.

3. See if There Are Eyewitnesses

If there are eyewitnesses to a personal injury, you are entitled to gather their names and contact information. Their testimony can be very important later on. Hard evidence of a car crash, for example, may be inconclusive. But a witness saying that the car that hit you didn’t stop at the stop sign, for example, can be very persuasive.

Personal Injury Lawyers in New York City and Long Island

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