What Is My Personal Injury Case Worth?

If you or a loved one has been harmed by a person or entity such as a landlord, neighbor, or business that you purchased a product or service from, a personal injury lawsuit can be filed to obtain monetary compensation for the damages — physical, emotional, and financial — that you have sustained. Personal injury is the division of law that deals with harm done to someone from the negligence of another.

Personal Injury Caused by Negligence

Negligence refers to a careless act or series of acts that caused something to become unsafe. A landlord, for example, has a duty to maintain and repair his or her property so it is safe for tenants and passersby. A neighbor must make sure their property is safe for all visitors. A business must make sure that products and services provided are safe.

If these things and many more are unsafe, have been so for long enough that a “reasonable person” would have realized the lack of safety, and the situation has not been rectified, all these entities can be judged negligent.

Say that your landlord allowed a burned-out lightbulb in a flight of stairs to remain so for several days. The area was too dark to see properly. If you fell and broke your ankle as a result of not being able to see properly, the landlord could be judged negligent. He is liable for your injuries and any time lost from work.

How Are Personal Injury Damages Compensated?

Because personal injury cases have multiple injuries, ranging from broken ankles to complete paralysis, and stem from multiple causes, including exploding equipment, medical errors, and poor employee oversight, specific monetary damages can vary greatly.

We can, however, give you an idea of the type of damages that are compensated by courts. Courts award damages to victims for physical damage, financial loss, and mental distress.

If you were injured by a negligent entity, you may bring a suit to be compensated for:

  • The cost of medical treatment, including surgeries and medication
  • The cost of any physical therapy
  • Pain and suffering from the injuries
  • Lost wages due to time lost because of your injuries and/or need for medical care
  • Retraining if performing the activities of your previous job is no longer possible
  • The loss of property (such as a car)
  • The loss of enjoyment (if your injuries cause you to not be able to pursue an activity you previously enjoyed, such as a sport or hobby)
  • The loss of consortium (such as loss of companionship or sexual life with a partner, for example)

If negligence is judged by the court to have been particularly egregious, it is possible for the court to award punitive damages as well.

New York City and Long Island Personal Injury Lawyers

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Additional resources on personal injury compensation:

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  2. New York State Unified Court System. Statute of Limitations. http://www.nycourts.gov/courthelp/GoingToCourt/SOLchart.shtml
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