3 Ways You Can Get Injured by Fireworks

While the Fourth of July is usually a happy midsummer holiday, it — and the period surrounding it — can be dangerous. Why? Fireworks.

Last year, 8 people died as a result of fireworks. On average, in the month surrounding the Fourth of July, 280 people go to the hospital emergency room every day for firework-related injuries. The month is counted because people set off fireworks, play with fireworks, and use sparklers frequently during the month.

While people can be injured in many ways by fireworks (one of the recent deaths was from a house fire started by fireworks), here are the top 3.

Number 1: Burns

According to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, 53% of firework-related injuries every year stem from burns. People suffer burns on their hands and fingers, heads, faces, and ears, and legs most frequently.

Remember, fireworks ignite. Anything that ignites has the potential of causing burns. Think sparklers are an innocent and harmless way of celebrating our nation’s birthday? Think again. Sparklers can reach 2,000° Farenheit. That’s as hot as a blowtorch.

It’s especially important to keep fireworks out of the hands of small children and to supervise everyone using them. Last year, the people who died from fireworks-related incidents were as young as 4 years old, and as old as 57.

Number 2: Injuries

Fireworks also explode. Remember when your parents would caution you that you could lose an eye from horsing around with dangerous material? Well…you can. Fourteen percent of firework-related injuries happen to the eye.

Firework explosions can blow off fingers and harm every other part of the body, with abrasions, bruises, and more.

People can also suffer injury if fireworks are thrown at them.

Number 3: Hearing Loss

Fireworks are loud. The booms and pops that seem so much a part of watching fireworks can be dangerous close at hand. Fireworks can be as loud as 150 decibels. That’s enough to cause hearing loss.

If you or a loved one feels that a fireworks explosion has caused hearing loss, visit a hearing specialist right away for care.

Do You Need an Attorney for Fireworks-Related Injuries?

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