Recent E-Cigarette Explosions Illustrate Product Dangers

According to the United States Fire Administration, e-cigarettes caused 195 fires and explosions across the country in the 2009-2016 period.

Unfortunately, despite the popularity of e-cigarettes for vaping and as an alternative to nicotine cigarettes, evidence of their dangers is increasing. Of the 195 total fires and explosions, 61 happened in pants pockets, often when the e-cigarettes and their lithium-ion batteries came into contact with change or keys.

Recent news stories have illustrated how sudden a fire or explosion can be, and how injurious.

Skin Graft Needed After E-Cig Battery Bursts Into Flames

In June, a North Carolina man was burned severely after the e-cigarette batteries in his pocket touched some change in his pocket. He described the situation as “your pants are like crazy on fire” very suddenly.

Not only did one battery explode into flames, but a second one exploded as he was attempting to put out the first fire. The second battery’s metal flew into his face, causing injuries there and narrowly missing his eye.

His leg burns required a skin graft, which can leave significant scars.

Hospitalization for Severe Burns

In West Virginia, batteries exploded as an e-cigarette user was switching batteries from one vape mod (a type of e-cigarette) to another. It sparked and released burning hot chemicals almost immediately.

His hands, which were holding the vape mods, were burned severely enough to require hospitalization. His clothing was also damaged by the flames.

He is considering legal action against the shops where he bought the products.

Facial Injuries After an In-Store Explosion

While owners of e-cigarettes are at risk, so are people casually browsing in vape shops for e-cigarettes and related products.

An Illinois woman recently needed hospitalization after an e-cigarette exploded in her face at a local vape store. The product explosion was caused by the lithium batteries inside. Officials termed her facial injury “significant.” Her condition was not reported.

The explosion also caused a fire inside the store, which the owner put out.

While the store owner suggested that e-cigarette consumers educate themselves about the best products and dangers, evidence increasingly suggests that the products are unpredictable. The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the American Medical Association (AMA) are both considering the need for more regulation of e-cigarettes.

Lawyers Experienced in E-Cigarette Injury Lawsuits

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