CDC Study Shows Drowsy Driving a National Problem

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) continues to battle motor vehicle injuries in the United States, suggesting effective interventions to reduce rates of drunk driving and non-use of seatbelts.

Now, according to a recent government survey conducted by the agency, drowsy drivers are one of the nation’s most serious problems. Drowsiness behind the wheel not only impairs the ability to drive safely, sleepy drivers are slower to react to situations, are less aware of environmental factors and have markedly impaired decision-making skills – all of which make for a deadly combination.

Drowsy driving accidents a major concern

According to the CDC report, drowsy driving is a factor in at least 7,500 fatal motor vehicle accidents, which makes up a quarter of all auto crashes. However, drinking and driving is still one of the top causes of road fatalities. The agency report stated that in 2012, “nearly one third (10,322) of the 33,561 traffic fatalities occurred in alcohol-impaired driving crashes…In addition, half of vehicle occupants killed were not wearing seatbelts.”

Anne G. Wheaton, an epidemiologist at the CDC, was the study’s lead author. She and her team found that one in 25 people report falling asleep behind the wheel.

Those most at risk for drowsy driving accidents are:

  • Drivers age 25 or younger, especially men
  • Non seat belt users
  • Individuals who suffer sleep disorders
  • Drivers who regularly get less than five hours of sleep a night
  • Binge drinkers

While the study was only conducted in ten states and Puerto Rico, the CDC believes the data is representative of a national problem, and recommends that sleepy drivers take proactive measures to prevent an accident on the road. Prior research indicates that loud music, fresh air and blasts from the A/C have little effect on drowsy drivers, so the best bet is simply pulling over and getting some much needed sleep.

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