When New York Boating Accidents Prove Deadly: Know Your Rights

New York’s scenic waterways are packed with avid boaters this summer, enjoying everything from jet skiing and inner tubing to a relaxing sunset sail. While recreational boating is one of the area’s favorite pastimes, it’s not without inherent risks. Despite mandatory safety courses for motorboat operation, accidents still happen with alarming frequency.

If you or someone you love has been harmed due to a negligent or reckless boater on Long Island Sound, the Hudson River or any of NY’s waterways, you may have a viable claim for damages. New York boating accident lawyers at Edelman, Krasin & Jaye can explain your legal rights and assess liability in the wake of such tragedy.

Our NY personal injury attorneys are familiar with the catastrophic results of watercraft accidents, and can help victims secure just compensation for medical expenses, lost income, and even burial costs in the event of a wrongful death.

Boating accidents in Long Island Sound

Two recent watercraft accidents have made headlines this summer, both of which occurred in Long Island Sound. Forty-five year old Roldando Moreno was enjoying an afternoon on Great South Bay when his jet ski jumped the wake of a boat, according to Suffolk County officials.  Morena was hurled into a 23-foot Chapparal boat during the incident. He was later treated at a local hospital, and police say no one aboard the boat was injured.

Another mishap near Greenwich Yacht Club proved fatal for a teenage girl, when she was hit by a motorboat’s propellers. The 16-year-old victim and her friend were reportedly being dragged in their inner tube by a boat, when the horrific accident happened. The driver of the boat had turned around to pick up the girls when the propeller hit and killed one, and injured the other.  It was the first fatal boating accident on the Greenwich waterfront in more than 40 years, and left community members in shock.

Factors and liability in boat injury accidents

Driver inexperience and/or impairment from drugs or alcohol are common causes of boating injuries and deaths in the New York area. Other causes that could give rise to a personal injury lawsuit are: reckless operation of a watercraft, excessive speed for conditions, and failure to have proper safety gear on board.

Similar to a car accident claim filed against a negligent motorist, if a boater acted carelessly or with negligence that resulted in injury or death, victims may be entitled to compensation. No matter what the circumstances, a detailed investigation into the cause of a boating accident is necessary to determine liability. And since NY statute of limitations govern the time frame in which damages can be sought, it’s imperative to seek legal counsel right away.

EKJ Law: New York boating accident lawyers

At EKJ Law, our legal team has successfully represented clients who’ve been harmed in accidents involving pleasure craft, pontoons, fishing vessels, jet skis and speed boats, as well as commercial boats and ferries. We are well-versed in local maritime laws and will fight for the compensation to which you and your family are rightfully entitled.

To arrange your free case review with one of our NY boat accident attorneys, please call our offices toll-free at 1.800.469.7429, or via our online contact form.

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