Distracted Driving Awareness Month Aims to Effect Change

Considering the massive toll distracted driving takes in terms of injuries, deaths and financial devastation for victims, the distracted driving attorneys at Edelman, Krasin & Jaye applaud the U.S. Department of Transportation and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in designating April as Distracted Driving Awareness Month. In conjunction with a month-long awareness campaign, the agencies have also launched the “U Drive. U Text. U Pay.” initiative in which state and local law enforcement authorities embark on enhanced detection, monitoring and ticketing of drivers engaged in dangerous behaviors while behind the wheel.

Statistics aggregated by NHTSA have revealed that more than 3,000 motorists died in distracted driving accidents in 2013, and over 400,000 others sustained other types of injury or loss in these types of events. Because we have dedicated our careers to assisting the injured, Edelman, Krasin & Jaye understands just how catastrophic vehicle crashes can be to entire families. When such devastation is the product of something entirely preventable such as texting & driving, the tragedy is compounded exponentially.

Young motorists adding to distracted driving dangers

A study produced by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety and researchers from the University of Iowa revealed that teenage drivers are guilty of far more instances of distracted driving leading to crashes than even NHTSA had estimated. According to data taken from video recordings of young drivers, distracted driving behaviors such as using mobile phones, engaging with passengers or texting played a pivotal role in nearly 60 percent of crash events, as opposed to NHTSA’s earlier estimate of just 14 percent.

Clearly, a large-scale behavior shift is necessary to increase safety on the roadways, and it is hoped that awareness and enforcement campaigns such as those taking place in April can make a real difference.

Among the recommendations incorporated into Distracted Driving Awareness Month are:

  • Turning electronic devices off entirely or at least placing them out of reach before hitting the road
  • Explaining to teens the real dangers of distracted driving
  • Not being afraid to speak up when a driver is texting while driving or engaging in other hazardous behaviors
  • Offering to make calls or send texts for a driver while on the road
  • Wearing seat belts at all times

As Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx stated at the campaign kick-off, there are no acceptable excuses for distracted driving. Continuing education initiatives for drivers of all ages will hopefully have the desired effect of curbing this unnecessary, reckless behavior and reducing roadway injuries and fatalities.

File a Long Island distracted driving accident lawsuit

The lasting disabilities, emotional distress and financial losses resulting from car crashes are made all the more tragic when they are the result of avoidable conduct such as distracted driving. If you or someone you love has sustained serious injuries or has been killed due to the negligence of a distracted driver, the law does provide avenues to seek fair compensation.

The seasoned Suffolk County car accident attorneys of Edelman, Krasin & Jaye are prepared to assist the victims of distracted drivers in the pursuit of justice and accountability. To schedule a no-obligation case review, contact us at 1-800-469-7429.

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