Filing car accident reports

Car accidents in big cities are incredibly common and New York City is not the exception. There are plenty of car accidents that take place in the city and several people who are unfortunately involved have no idea how to file a motor vehicle report. It is important to know of the necessary steps that anyone can take after suffering a car accident.

Causes of car accidents

There are several kinds of motor vehicle accidents that can occur on the street, but as of 2019, in New York City, it was reported that the most common type of incidents was distracted or inattentive driving. The second most common type was tailgating. Another common type of accident is when a driver did not yield the right of way to another car.

How to file a report

In the state of New York, it is a requirement established by the New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law that anyone who has suffered a car accident should file a report. This should only proceed when the damages incurred are of $1,000 or more and it should be done within ten days.

There is several information that must be taken into account, for example, if there were only property damages; if a vehicle that was parked during the incident was damages; if a domestic animal was hit or injured after the accident and, if the pet was alone during the time of the incident, reach out to the owner or the police; if anyone was severely injured or killed when the accident happened, then the police must be notified immediately.

If the accident falls within these categories, then the drivers must file a Report of Motor Vehicle Accidents (file form MV-104) to the DMV.