Pi: to settle or not settle

There are many questions that arise after a person has suffered an injury due to someone’s negligence and in most scenarios, it is very hard to figure out what to do. For many, if the damages are greater than they expected, a plausible choice is to sue the negligent party for damages. The issue is whether the case should be taken to court or should the victim of injury settle outside the courtroom.

To settle:

If the victim chooses to settle, then it is well known that most parties who sue for a personal injury claim end up not taking their case to court and settle outside of it. The reason being is that court can be incredibly risky. If either party loses, it can be financially detrimental. The victim has surely already lost a lot of money treating his or her injuries in the hospital or any other health facility, in addition to medicine and therapy.

As for the negligent party, he or she will lose as lot if the case is lost in court. A lot of money will be invested in repairing the damages to the victim and, for many, this is just not economically possibly. Another scenario is if the injury was suffered in a place of business, then the business will potentially have a poor reputation after the lawsuit.

To not settle:

If both parties choose to take the matter to court, they should, first and foremost, consult with a PI attorney. They should also be aware that attorneys will very likely dive into the case and investigate every single claim and go through medical records to build the case. They should consider that hiring an attorney and going to court might also be very expensive. It is important to consider a negotiation with the counterparty before the judge has given a sentence.